CPR Classes Offered at Compressions Saves Lives

At Compressions Saves Lives, we offer a range of CPR classes tailored to different needs and skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or looking to refresh your skills, we have the right class for you.

Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers

Designed for healthcare professionals, this course covers high-quality CPR for adults, children, and infants. Learn the latest guidelines and techniques, including the use of an AED and relief of choking.

Heartsaver CPR & AED

Ideal for the general public, this course teaches adult, child, and infant CPR, as well as how to use an AED. Perfect for teachers, coaches, parents, and anyone interested in being prepared for emergencies.

Heartsaver First Aid CPR & AE

This comprehensive course includes first aid training along with CPR and AED use. Learn how to manage a variety of emergencies, from minor injuries to severe conditions, making it perfect for workplace safety training.

Family & Friends CPR

A non-certification course that is perfect for those who want to learn CPR basics without the need for a formal certification. Ideal for families, new parents, grandparents, and community groups.

Pediatric First Aid CPR & AED

Specifically focused on caring for children and infants, this course is essential for childcare providers, babysitters, and parents. Learn child-specific techniques for CPR, AED use, and first aid.

Group and On-Site Training

We offer customized group training sessions for businesses, schools, and community organizations. Our instructors can come to your location to provide tailored CPR training that meets your group’s specific needs.